Are you concerned about your indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality

AirSpec provides homeowners, tenants, mold remediators, and insurance carriers expert advice on proper procedures to be accomplished during the mold remediation process.

We pride ourselves on providing thorough, unbiased mold assessments with substantiated recommendations, detailed mold remediation protocols, and a quick report turnaround.

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Why choose AirSpec?

Advantages and benefits

Our field staff are Florida Licensed
Mold Assessors

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Certified Industrial Hygienists (ABIH) on staff

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Other certifications provided by organizations including ABIH, ACAC, BCSP, and more.

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In the indoor air quality field for over 19 years

During our early years as an indoor air quality consulting company, AirSpec had two large residential developers who utilized our services for mold remediation.

Our scientific background, combined with our mold remediation experience, has provided us with invaluable insight into the mold remediation process.

AirSpec can perform a wide variety of services for your indoor air quality needs.

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